Call for 2022 GA ČR grant projects

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Čtvrtek Únor 25 18:04:22 CET 2021

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that the *Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR) 
has published a call for proposals in the following categories**:

  * *STANDARD *Projects,
  * a brand new scheme  - *POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP*:
      o INCOMING 2022,
      o OUTGOING 2022,
  * *INTERNATIONAL *Projects:
      o Agencies involved within bilateral cooperation,
      o Agencies involved on Lead Agency basis – GA ČR Partner,
      o Agencies involved on Lead Agency basis – GA ČR Lead Agency.

For comprehensive information on the calls (in Czech), please see here: 

For information on the calls in English, relevant tender documents in 
English, etc., please see here: 

or go to tab “Grant Applications”.

International Affairs Department MFF UK (i.e. OVZS):*_

Please send a final version of the project proposal *exclusively to 
_granty na dekanat.mff.cuni.cz_ no later than Thu, 25 March 2021*. The 
proposal is to be created in the GA ČR app, downloaded in the PDF format 
with the watermark “FINAL” over the front page. Please do not rename the 
document (contains „_CZ_f.pdf“). Please send to OVZS proposals where a 
Faculty employee is a PI as well as those where a Faculty employee is in 
the role of co-investigator.

Also, it is necessary to send to OVZS, either via email or using the 
data mailbox of the University (Spisová služba Univerzita Karlova), 
*approvals **for all project proposals the PI submits from **the Head of 
the PI's department and the respective Vice-Dean*. (The same set of 
approvals is required even for proposals where a Faculty employee is in 
the role of co-investigator.)


OVZS submits the project proposals to GA ČR no later than 8 April 2021, 
except the project proposals on Lead Agency basis – GA ČR Partner. For 
more information on their deadlines, please see the relevant tender 

(KINDLY NOTE that, for example, the proposals of projects carried out 
with Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) must be submitted to GA ČR 
no later than 1 April 2021.)

All of the above-mentioned deadlines are binding.

Should there be a webinar on drafting GA ČR project proposals, 
information will be sent via email in advance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my 
colleague, Mgr. Menšíková.


*Mgr. Lenka Stehlíková*

*As opposed to the previous years, there is no call for EXPRO Proposals 
this year. The calls for EXPRO tenders will now be made in even-numbered 
years only.


*Mgr. Lenka Stehlíková*
Oddělení pro vědu a zahraniční styky
Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy
Ke Karlovu 3
121 16 Praha 2
tel.: 951 551 231

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